International Cooperation Relating To Gas India

The government of India is committed for developing international cooperation related to gas India with various countries of the world. In order to do so, the government is taking various actions. One such prominent step taken by to strengthen the international cooperation in the filed of oil and natural gas is a formation of special division known as International Cooperation Division. Get to read detailed information about International Cooperation related to gas India given below:

To address its energy concerns, India is continually committed to bilateral cooperation with foreign countries both in upstream and downstream sectors. In order to give special attention to the matters relating to International Cooperation, the International Cooperation (IC) Division is functioning in the Ministry.

The major role of the International Cooperation Division is to encourage long-term engagement of Indian companies in the hydrocarbon sector abroad. The particular areas which are pursued abroad comprise the following:

• Equity sharing in developed oil and gas fields.

• Exploration and Production contracts in new gas and oil fields.

• Engagement in halfway through projects and down stream projects in the oil and gas sector.

• Encouraging Indian participation in transnational oil and gas pipeline projects.

• The Contribution of International Cooperation Division is evident in bilateral bodies such as the Joint Commissions and Joint Working groups on Hydrocarbon Cooperation to ensure that India’s interests in specific countries are effectively and efficiently projected and pursued.

• The presence of International Cooperation Division at regional and global multilateral fora to follow issues of interest to India such as organization and functioning of oil markets; investments and joint ventures in the sectors of hydrocarbon and cooperation between academic and research Institutions in order to do promotions of promote research and development work, transfer of technology, training, dissemination of data on hydrocarbon, etc.

In order to increase the international Cooperation related to gas India and to enhance bilateral co-operation in Hydrocarbon Sector the Joint Working Groups have been made with the countries such as Norway, Romania, Turkey, South Africa, Venezuela, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia. The International Cooperation Division has also proposed to be set up joint working with the following nations such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Uzbekistan and Colombia.